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Old Havana, Cuba

Business trips allow you to visit places you had on your wish list, but unfortunately not always with enough time to plan anything in advance or to enjoy them the way they deserve. This was the case with my first trip to Cuba. At least I got the chance to spend a day strolling through the narrow streets of Old Havana, to enjoy its food and to get a glimpse of what it is today, of what it could have been…

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Dresden in 20 photographs

Dresden, capital of Saxony in Germany. For most people, a cultural and artistic jewel by the river Elbe. For me, the city that witnessed my last days as a student. A city that still evokes very fond memories, unfortunately most of them not preserved in images. Now, almost a decade after my previous visit, just a small tribute to some of the places and moments that caught my eye during my last encounter with it this Summer.

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