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Ribeira Sacra, Galicia

The River Sil acts as a natural border between the provinces of Ourense and Lugo in the Ribeira Sacra region in Galicia, Spain. Although the last kilometres before the Sil flows into the River Miño might be better known for the wines (Mencía, Albariño and Godello) produced from the vineyards on the steep slopes (bancadas) of its narrow valleys and deep canyons, there are close to twenty monasteries in the area worth visiting, hence the name (Sacred Riverbank) of the area.

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Andres GarciaComment
Dresden in 20 photographs

Dresden, capital of Saxony in Germany. For most people, a cultural and artistic jewel by the river Elbe. For me, the city that witnessed my last days as a student. A city that still evokes very fond memories, unfortunately most of them not preserved in images. Now, almost a decade after my previous visit, just a small tribute to some of the places and moments that caught my eye during my last encounter with it this Summer.

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